Ring Sizing

When it comes to wedding and engagement rings, one thing is for sure: size matters.

It is your responsibility to be certain of size before completing your order. Once you have determined your ring size, we recommend wearing the Lashbrook ring sizer on your finger for 10-15 minutes to help determine how comfortable the size choice really is.

We do not recommend the use of online printable ring sizers. You may visit a reputable jeweler for sizing help, but please note that sizing will vary from jeweler to jeweler. The safest option is to order a set of our sizers to determine your ring size – and it is free with purchase!

Sizing Instructions

*Please note: If you are not used to wearing a ring, then it is likely everything will feel too tight to start. It is helpful to remind yourself that you won’t feel the ring on your finger after a few weeks of wearing it.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the ring should easily slip over the knuckle. Remember that the ring does not sit on the knuckle, rather it sits below it, so sizing a ring to simply slip over the knuckle will cause it to be too loose. If it is too loose, it could possibly catch on something or even fall off and get lost. We ask that you size your ring using the “Bend and Twist” method.

First, Second, Third

accurate ring sizing without having to touch anyone

First, Place a Lashbrook ring sizer over your knuckle

You can order your ring, and get your sizing kit in the mail in two days to make sure we are making the ring for your actual size

Second, Bend your knuckle slightly

accurate ring sizing from home with our sizing kits

Third, Twist the ring off your finger

If you try to take the ring off by pulling straight back over the knuckle without twisting it, the ring will catch the skin and not give an accurate size. You’ll find the right ring size for your ring if you feel a bit of “resistance” in taking off the ring.

Other Considerations

ring size

Keep temperature in mind. Fingers can fluctuate throughout the year, swelling during the hot and humid summer and shrinking during the cold and dry winter. If your fingers are slightly swollen or cold, make sure you bring your hands to room temperature before trying on the sizers.

You can order your ring, and get your sizing kit in the mail in two days to make sure we are making the ring for your actual size

Take diet into account. Alcohol consumption and salt intake can also cause temporary fluctuations in fingers. Many people will even notice a difference in the way their rings fit after eating a particularly salty meal.

accurate ring sizing from home with our sizing kits

Consider the width of the band. Very wide rings can be less comfortable to wear because they take up more space on the finger. The ring “size” is the same, but it feels tighter because the ring is wider.

Lashbrook Sizers

Free with Ring Purchase

The Lashbrook Sizers are automatically sent to you – free of charge – with ring purchase. Simply choose the ring size you think you need when designing your ring on the ring builder, and when ready to order click “Add to Cart”. We will send you sizers for the size you chose plus two sizes up and two sizes down (because we want you to love the way your ring fits!). After your order is placed the sizers will be shipped out the following business day. Once you receive the sizers, email us at website@lashbrookdesigns.com with your order confirmation number and the size you need and we will start making your ring. We will not make your ring until you confirm your ring size.


Size Exchanges

Sizing refers to needing a new ring size for any reason. To be eligible for a size exchange of any kind, the Lashbrook sizers must be used to size your finger as part of the purchase process.

Despite the best of intentions, sometimes you just need to get a new size. We’ve got that taken care of! With the Protection Plan, the first size exchange will be free (because we’ve been there too) and future sizing will cost the same as without the plan- 30% of MSRP. To be eligible for size exchanges, the original ring must be returned.*