Diamonds & Gemstones

Diamonds and gemstones come in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, and sources. Whatever combination you choose, using premium stones makes all the difference in the end product.


Here’s a quick breakdown of diamonds and gemstones and their individual characteristics used in Lashbrook rings:



Natural, white diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free. Lashbrook takes pride in providing excellent quality diamonds, even in our smallest stone sizes. Since not all diamonds are of equal quality and value, we use the 4 C’s to help explain the standards we use in our diamonds.

Our cut quality represents the highest standards for ideal proportions making each stone brilliant, radiant, and as bright as possible. We call them Ideal cut, or in GIA standardized terms they would be “excellent”

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Our diamond color ranges between G-H (and higher). This range is considered ‘near colorless’ on the GIA color scale.  All of our colored diamonds are natural with color enhancement.

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The clarity in a diamond is a reference to the presence (or absence) of inclusions and blemishes in the stone. The higher the purity of a diamond, the higher the value, cost, and beauty. Although Lashbrook diamonds can be small, they are still held to an exceptionally high standard being graded at VS2 and above

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Black diamonds are still naturally created, mined stones, ethically sourced and conflict free. These diamonds undergo a specialized treatment that enhances their natural color, creating the final appearance you see as black. Black diamonds have gained extreme popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why.



Recent developments in the processes used to ‘grow’ or make diamonds has evolved to the point where man-made diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically identical to naturally created diamonds. These stones are typically less expensive and carry none of the burden to the environment of a natural mined stone. The differences between man-made and natural are so limited, they’re incredibly difficult to identify without using sophisticated spectroscopy. Lashbrook is the first company to proudly offer lab-grown diamonds in a custom ring-builder. We give you millions of combinations of styles, metals, finishes, and settings with precious gemstones.

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Precious gemstones are rare, colored stones that come in a nearly endless spectrum of properties (hardness, color, rarity etc). Sapphires and rubies are the hardest stones in nature, just behind diamonds. These hard stones make an ideal choice for incorporating color, while maintaining the best durability for daily wear. Using natural sapphires and rubies, in a rainbow of colors, that are all graded at AA+ gives you the absolute best brilliance, color, and clarity.  All of our colored precious stones are natural with color enhancement.



Colored stones that are considered semi-precious aren’t as rare, hard, or naturally brilliant like their precious cousins. These softer stones are still beautiful and come in an amazing spectrum of colors and textures. Examples include Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Malachite. We found over time the strongest way to use these stones in a men’s band (that takes a lot of daily abuse) is to inlay them as a mosaic. This process involves crushing, then mixing with an incredibly durable jewelry-grade resin and inlaying them into a deep groove in the ring. You can add these stones in our ring builder under INLAYS-MOSIAC.