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Rings without sleeves or inlays can be engraved with design patterns or special messages.

Engraving the Outside

To select an engraved pattern on the outside of your band, select “Outside Feature” and then “Design Pattern” on the ring builder. You have lots of options to choose from; we show our most popular styles in that menu. We’re also able to engrave nearly anything else you can come up with- a pattern of your own design, a unique text, we’ve seen it all. If you choose to add a personalized engraving (soundwave, roman numerals, duck band, fingerprint, handwriting), our customer service team will contact you via email once your order is placed to get the additional information needed and help you through the process:

  • Soundwave engravings require an MP3 of the phrase (in your own voice if you’d like), song, sonnet or whatever you wish to have engraved.
  • Fingerprint and handwriting engravings require the sample to be physically sent in, we’ll provide the instructions/materials for getting a clean sample.
  • Roman numeral engravings simply require the date sequence.
  • Duck band engravings also simply require the date sequence and name initials.

*Note that rings with inlays may not be compatible with engraving the outside of the ring, so contact us with questions- we’re happy to talk through any and all of the options.

Engraving the Inside

To engrave on the inside of your band, select “Engraving” on any product page and enter the desired font and text. Listed on the ring builder are our most popular fonts: Arial, Lucinda Calligraphy, Lucia BJ, French Script, Times New Roman, Vladimir Script, Tempus Sans, Old London, Kells So. There is also a ‘Custom’ option which, when selected, allows you to enter any font name. Chances are we have the font you wish to use including diverse languages (we have 4 types of Elvish!)– we just can’t show the hundreds of fonts we have on the website! If, on the rare occasion, we are unable to use the font you have entered, a member from our customer service team will contact you via email to discuss similar font options or ask for another font choice.

*Rings with hardwood sleeves cannot be personalized with an inside engraving. We reserve the right to reject any custom engraving text that uses offensive or discriminating language.