These rings are SO customized and new that they are not buildable on our site! Contact us to customize and price these, or any other ring you can come up with. Feel free to Live Chat right here on our site, DM on social, Call, or email.

Precious Metal

Believe it or not the price of gold and other precious metals is always fluctuating! SO, the prices you see above may not reflect the exact price you pay depending on daily market fluctuations, width of ring you choose, and finger size.

Finger Size - we've got you covered!

1. Design your perfect ring, take your best guess at your finger size, and complete your purchase.
**We won’t begin making band until you have received your sizing kit and confirmed your perfect size.**

2. We ship you a FREE Lashbrook sizing kit that includes 5 rings in smaller and larger sizes around the finger size you originally ordered. You should receive the kit in 2 business days.

3. Size your finger following the kit instructions and let us know your finger size. As soon as you confirm your exact finger size we will begin handcrafting your band.

Want to feel the quality?

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