The hunt is over.

We honor the idea of helping people find a meaningful ring they love and identify with – that means even camo.

Don’t judge.

Seriously, camo lovers are diehard. We can spend $80,000 on our trucks, huge money on our toys and don’t even ask about the cost of hunting.
At the end of the day, our wedding ring means as much to us as that platinum diamond band for someone else.

What is it?

Our camo rings feature patterns from King’s (exclusive to Lashbrook), Realtree and Mossy Oak. Using sophisticated graphic design, high definition photography and photo-realistic printing, these companies create 3-D camouflage patterns for virtually any environment.

Unique Characteristics

Our unique method in making camo rings offers a distinctive durability and resistance to wear. Camo patterns are printed on a specialized material with high-definition color and resolution.

Technical Details

The printed material gets a layer of resin over the top to protect it. This resin layer is shiny and hard. As wear and scratches appear, the resin protects the camo inlay. The resin can be easily re-polished (refurbishment).

By the Numbers
Camo Swatches

Overall, we have 31 camo patterns for you to choose from, ranging from environments in snow and desert to swamp and mountain.


King’s Field
King’s Mountain
King’s Snow
King’s Woodland
King’s Pink
King’s Desert

Real Tree

RealTree Advantage Max
RealTree AP
RealTree APC Black
RealTree APC Green
RealTree APC Maroon
RealTree APC Orange
RealTree APC Pink
RealTree APC Purple
RealTree APC Red
RealTree APC Snow
RealTree Timber
RealTree Advantage Max-4
RealTree APC Navy Blue
RealTree APG

Mossy Oak

MossyOak Bottomland
MossyOak Break Up Infinity
MossyOak Breakup
MossyOak Duck Blind
MossyOak Brush
MossyOak Winter Breakup
MossyOak Obsession
MossyOak Pink Bottomland
MossyOak Pink Breakup
MossyOak SG Blades
MossyOak Treestand
Customization & Personalization

We produce styles incorporating camo in and with contemporary metals, precious metals and combinations of the two. Camo can be inlaid in the outside center or inside sleeve of a ring. Choose from any one of our popular styles or design your own camo ring with our ring builder.

Wear & Care

Those who purchase camo rings are likely to be physically hard on their rings; specifically, men and women who hunt or work with their hands. As long as you don’t wear your ring during activities that will damage the ring, camo can be a great choice. We seal camo inlays with a layer of resin to protect it from wear and water, however these rings should be treated as fine jewelry, and should be removed during harsh activities that could damage the ring.
Cleaning: Camo rings need no special care and can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, steam or ultrasonic. For refurbishment, rings should be returned to us (refurbishment).


Q: I have a particular design on the camo pattern that I want in my ring. Can I special order that?

A: Camo rings are made with licensed camo patterns and will vary from piece to piece. Because of the nature of the camo, special requests for colors and patterns cannot always be accommodated.


Q: The camo inlay in my ring is not what it looked like on the ring builder or Lashbrook website preview. Can I return it?

A: Camo rings are not eligible for return based on pattern, color, or variation from online previews. Click the refresh button just below the image on the ring builder to see possible variations in color and pattern.

There are many options for customizing Camo rings. Add an engraving, inlay or sleeve to make your ring, truly yours.