Rare & Sustainably Sourced


What is it?

Our shell inlays are made of nacre, which is the iridescent inside layer of shells. This is the same material which forms pearls. Each shell has individual features created by time, tides and territory. Their inner layers of iridescence refract bright shimmering colors, giving blues their deepest blues and greens their most intense greens.

 These shells are cut into small scales which are overlapped to form strips. Once the shell is secured into the inlay groove of your ring, we seal it in a medical grade resin for moisture and water protection, and increased durability.

Sustainably Sourced Styles

All of our shell is sustainably sourced. Divers measure each shell before harvesting, and wear a data logger which records their location and the number of shells collected.

We offer three types of shell.

 Look at this lovely abalone used to make mens and womens wedding bands.
 Here is another popular gemstone, called black mother of pearl, that we use to make custom rings.
Black Mother of Pearl
 Lastly, our lovely pearlescent white mother of pearl add a delicate touch to any piece of shell jewelry.
White Mother of Pearl
Abalone - New Zealand

New Zealand Abalone is the most colorful abalone shell. Its iridescent surface features various blues and greens with flashes of pink and purple. It’s harvested along the southern coastlines, home to great white sharks.

Black Mother of Pearl - Tahiti

Black Mother of Pearl has a neutral darker appearance, but in the light it’s peacock coloring shines. These shells are bred to grow world renowned mystical black pearls.

White Mother of Pearl - Australia

A lustrous, pearly white shell.When the layers of white catch the light, subtle pearlescent pinks are revealed among the shell’s strong luster. Most shells have produced two or three pearls before they are harvested.

Wear & Care

Inlays and sleeves are protected from water and wear with a resin layer, which seals the shell from moisture. However, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water and chemicals.

Cleaning: Shell rings can be polished to return the inlay to its original beauty. Lashbrook will factory refurbish these rings anytime for free. All touch-ups or refurbishing should be sent to us (refurbishment).


Q: What does abalone symbolize?

A: Abalone is a symbol for water, it’s patterns reflecting the brilliant colors and movement of the ocean.


Q: Is abalone jewelry expensive?

A: Abalone jewelry is very affordable despite coming from exotic locations from Tahiti to New Zealand.


Q: What is abalone stone?

A: Abalone stone is another term for abalone shell, an organic gemstone.


Q: What does it mean when someone gives you a piece of seashell jewelry?

A: Many people associate the ocean with a sense of calm and enjoy wearing a piece of it.


Q: How do you care for abalone jewelry?

A: Our abalone rings are sealed to protect against moisture, but we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water and chemicals.


Q: Can you customize an abalone ring?

A: Abalone is custom in it’s own right because no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. You can customize Lashbrook rings with three types of abalone shell inlays.


Q: Where do people purchase abalone custom wedding rings?

A: Lashbrook offers the best array of abalone wedding rings you can customize live on our website.


Q: Why doesn’t the ring look like the stock piece or Lashbrook website preview?

A: Every shell color and pattern varies. It is important to prepare customers that their inlay may not have the same color and character as the stock pieces or online previews. Click the refresh button just below the image on the Lashbrook website to see possible variations in color and character.


Q: I understand that color varies, but this ring is completely different than the stock piece. What do I do?

A: Call our office. We may have you send in the ring, where we can either re-inlay it with a new strip of shell or choose a different material altogether. We’ll take care of you and your customer.


Q: What if the shell inlay breaks?

A: All Lashbrook rings carry a lifetime guarantee, including the case of cracking or breakage. We will re-inlay and re-finish the ring at no cost to you or your customer.

Shell creates a beautiful contrast against our light and dark metals and you can customize in real time!