A ring that never fails

Tantalum got its name from Tantalus, a villain in Greek mythology. Zeus made Tantalus stand in a pool of water below a fruit tree, but made him unable to drink from the pool or eat from the tree. His punishment was to forever be kept from what he needed most, despite it being right in front of him. Let Tantalum remind you to keep your loved one close and hold onto that love you both need most.

Tantalum is mainly used in capacitors because of it’s extremely low failure rate. We hope that tantalum will come to represent the same consistency and strength in your relationship.

Tantalum is a sleek and modern choice for your wedding ring. Tantalum is very rare in the world, and new to the jewelry industry, ensuring you will have a one of a kind symbol of your love.

What is it?

Tantalum is an element on the periodic table and is considered a technology critical material.  Tantalum capacitors are found in smartphones, tablets, and computers.  Extremely rare, the primary resources of tantalum could potentially be exhausted within the next fifty years.  Tantalum is the tenth metal type to be utilized by Lashbrook.

Unique Characteristics

Tantalum is a beautiful gray color with a hint of blue.  It’s that great gun-metal tone that’s darker than titanium but not black like zirconium.  It is quite dense, with a weight similar to platinum.  While many alternative metals create difficulties with resizing, tantalum is quite malleable and easily resized up to one size depending on customization.  Tantalum is hypoallergenic, and will not corrode or react with exposure to everyday use or chemicals.

By the Numbers

Tantalum is extremely rare. It’s estimated that the supply of tantalum may only last 50 years.

Weight similar to platinum.

At 5,463° F, tantalum has one of the highest melting points of all metals.
Wear & Care

Tantalum rings can be worn in all kinds of environments and conditions. The metal will scuff and show wear over time but holds up to a great deal of abuse without cracking, breaking, bending, etc. The color will not fade or change over time.

There are many options for customizing your ring. Add an engraving, inlay or sleeve to make your ring, truly yours.