A ring as strong as your love.

You would do anything to support, protect, and strengthen your other half. And they would do anything for you. No matter the odds, you know that your relationship won’t break, snap, or fall apart.

Your relationship is full of trust and dependability.

Titanium is the strongest metallic element by weight, so it’s only fitting that it be used to symbolize such an unbreakable love. We use the aerospace grade alloy Ti6AL4V for titanium rings – an alloy that is more expensive and harder to work with but is much stronger than pure titanium.

Wear a titanium ring and you will be reminded of the powerful connection between you and your special someone every time you put it on and take it off.

What is it?

Titanium is an element on the periodic table. There are many different grades of titanium alloy. Ninety-nine percent pure titanium is a common choice for jewelry. We exclusively use the alloy Ti6AL4V, an aerospace grade of the metal. This alloy is more expensive and harder to work with but is much stronger than pure titanium.

Unique Characteristics

Titanium is used in many applications across a diverse range of industries. It has a unique hypoallergenic property, making it popular in the medical industry for surgical implants. It also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metallic element. Today, it is used in aerospace and military applications from naval ships and racing engines to spacecrafts.

By the Numbers

Titanium is one of the most lightweight metals used in jewelry. Titanium rings are noticeably lighter than gold rings.

Titanium rings are made from an alloy which primarily includes Titanium with Aluminum and Vanadium.
Customization & Personalization

Titanium rings are an ideal choice for both plain bands and complex designs. In addition to the endless possibilities of inlays, titanium rings can also be personalized with various engravings and sleeves. Choose from any one of our popular styles or design your own titanium ring with our ring builder.

Wear & Care

Titanium rings can be worn in all kinds of environments and conditions. The metal will scuff and show wear over time but holds up to a great deal of abuse without cracking, breaking, bending, etc. The color will not fade or change over time.

Cleaning: Titanium rings need no special care. These rings can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, steam, or ultrasonic (refurbishment).

There are many options for customizing Titanium rings. Add an engraving, inlay or sleeve to make your ring, truly yours.